7 Distinctive Concrete Path/Driveway Creations and Ideas


Ever wondered what the next step is for your concrete path or driveway? Ever wondered what a skilled concrete contractor would do to add some extra charm? Well, wonder no more because today’s blog is going to be looking at seven fantastic concrete path and/or driveway creations and ideas that you can implement to go that extra step further and really make it uniquely yours.

1.     Plant border

Handy for both a driveway or path – creating a narrow garden bed on either side can look exquisite when filled with any number of plants. You could choose something simple and neutral – like some green shrubbery – or even opt for something more whimsical and colourful that will really add some flare to the driveway.

We recommend only having a single row of plants that don’t grow very tall (approximately 10 cm – 25 cm tall) so you can easily step over them. Otherwise – leaving a gap for you to walk through would be another good idea if your path/driveway doesn’t already branch off.

2.     Trellis archway

A trellis archway is fairly simple to find and purchase or even make yourself if you’re looking for a DIY project. It can be painted to suit a range of styles and can even be decorated with fairy lights or – for a more organic approach – climbing plants and vines that will wrap around and through the openings.

3.     Lighting solutions

There is a huge range of outdoor lighting available that’s designed to survive the elements and look stylish. From tried and true small light posts that you can just stick in the ground on either side of your path/driveway – to multi-coloured light strips that can be placed on the edges of your walkway to illuminate the way forward when you return in the evenings and add a unique style to your home.

Some products like the light strips and other outdoor lights can be controlled via your smartphone – allowing you to choose from literally a rainbow of hues and even automate them, so they change or activate at certain times of the day – truly taking your outdoor concrete aesthetic to the next level.

4.     Solid-roof pergola

Whilst it’s a bit of a large undertaking, building a pergola with a solid roof can be a great compromise if you don’t want to commit to a traditional garage but do want an undercover area to park your car(s). It also offers a great space to host barbeques and get-togethers with family and friends.

5.     Mini fence border

An easy and practical option is bordering your driveway with a mini fence (no more than 20 cm high) – much like you would a garden bed. This could be traditional picket fencing or even bricks laid against the driveway or path. This will give it a neat look that can also be combined with some flowers if you so wish on either side of the fencing.

6.     Elaborate walkway covering

This could be a trellis creation or even something more elaborate built out of timber or concrete – but a walkway covering that goes over your concrete driveway or path can have many practical uses. For one – if it’s a solid-roof covering then it offers protection from the rain.

It also gives you a great canvas that you can let your creativity run loose on – putting various types of outdoor lighting around it, maybe some wind chimes or even letting climbing plants grow up the supports. Think of it as an archway that extends for the length of the path/driveway instead of just a small section.

7.     Bordering moats

We left the more extravagant and fun idea for last. Instead of using the narrow stretch next to your path as a flower bed – you can use it as a pond. It doesn’t have to span the entire length of the path as that can be quite a bit to maintain on each side.

But, depending on how wide you make it (we recommend not too wide, maybe 30 cm maximum) you can submerge small lights or even add lily pads and other features. We recommend leaving this feature for paths instead of driveways just in case you accidentally drive into the pond.

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