6 Tips for Managing an Icy Driveway

Melbourne’s latest cold snap saw snow falling to three hundred metres and dusting outer suburbs such as Olinda, Frankston, Vermont, Wheelers Hill, Croydon and Belgrave. With chillier weather forecast for this weekend, we’ve put together some tips for managing an icy driveway.

  • Always try shovelling first

Physically breaking up and removing ice and snow should be your first line of defence if you are greeted with an icy driveway one morning. This is the best way to get rid of large amounts of snow and ice, minimising the need for chemicals.


  • Try adding traction

One of the easiest ways to make your driveway safe without resorting to chemicals is to put down a layer of coarse material to add traction. Sand, gravel and even bird seed are all cheap coarse materials that will make your driveway safe for walking and driving. This is the best option from a safety perspective, and should be employed whether or not you choose the de-ice your driveway.


  • Avoid chemicals and salt

Commercially available de-icers aren’t a good choice as the chemicals can have an adverse effect on your plants and lawn. Salt is also not a good idea as it builds up in the soil, prevents plants from absorbing nutrients and water, and can also leach heavy chemicals.


  • If you do decide to use either of these things, choose carefully

Whilst salt and chemicals are never a great choice for the environment, some are better than others. If you choose to use salt, avoid mixtures containing sodium chloride, and potassium chloride.  If you do choose to use a de-icer, it’s important to understand that these products can only loosen ice, not remove it completely, so there is no point piling it on the driveway. Use the de-icer sparingly to get the best results with minimal damage to your plants.


  • If you do need to soften the ice, try a homemade mix

If you do need to melt the ice before shovelling, then a homemade mix of rubbing alcohol and dishwashing liquid in a spray bottle.


  • Take care

Make sure you dress for the cold weather with appropriate footwear that will provide adequate traction on icy surfaces.


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