6 Steps On Hosting The Best Christmas Lunch

Christmas is just over two weeks away. You could already have your plans sorted and don’t have to worry about much since you won’t be hosting anything – but for others, Christmas can be a bit more stressful. Preparing for even a small-sized Christmas gathering can require a lot of preparation. But have no fear because our concrete contractors have opted to write-up this six-step guide on how to host the best Christmas lunch – and it’s all possible in the next two weeks.


1.    Location and initial planning

Depending on what your backyard is like (and the weather) – you’ll probably want to have lunch outside. If we’re blessed with some perfect 23°, sunny weather, then there’s no reason not to host it outside. So, the next thing you’ll want to do is make sure you at least have a rough number of people who’ll be attending so you can organise seating arrangements.

You may already have some outdoor furnishings – or you may have to organise some extra tables and chairs for the day which you can just hire. Since it’s still a bit early to know what the weather will be like – make sure you have a contingency plan and enough room to host it indoors – or adequate coverage for the outside dining area.


2.    Dietary requirements

Some people are unable to eat certain things and other people prefer not to due to their own reasons. To avoid any unnecessary conflict or disappointment on the day – try to find out what people’s food preferences and dietary requirements are prior to the day. This will ensure you have ample time to work out what you’re going to make and budget everything.

This is also a good time to work out if other people will be making plates of food or dessert that they’ll bring. Communication is key as you don’t want to double up on any dishes or accidentally make too much of something that not a lot of people can eat.


3.    Setting up

We know that our concrete contractors love a good outdoor Christmas lunch, and we bet you do too. If all goes well and the weather will be good enough to host it outdoor, you’ll want to get up early enough to set up any extra tables or chairs that need to be placed outside. If you already have an outdoor barbecue area then that’ll definitely help things along. If you’re hiring extra furnishings for the event, then you should be able to pick them up a day or two prior.


4.    Organising drinks

Organising the bar is an element that you can have a lot of fun with because there are several routes you can take depending on how many people are coming and how extravagant you want to be. If you’re hosting quite a large party, then you should consider frozen cocktail/mocktail machines to keep everyone cool. Grab an esky – or a bucket if you don’t have an esky – and fill it up with ice and beers/water/soft drink cans.

If you’re hosting something a bit more lowkey then a small table in the corner can be home to a variety of spirits and people can help themselves – along with the ice bucket full of other beverages. You can even just keep the drinks indoors around your liquor cabinet if it’s a more intimate affair. Of course, if you really want to go all out then you can hire a bartender for the day.


5.    Entertainment

The 25th of December is the last day where it’s considered socially acceptable to play Christmas carols – so take full advantage of that! You can purchase portable Bluetooth speakers for pretty cheap nowadays as long as you don’t mind the sub-par sound quality. You can even sync a few of them together to spread the sound around your space – ensuring everyone gets an earful of that Christmas cheer.


6.    Dessert

Homemade desserts are always favoured during Christmas as they have that authentic and homely feel to them – but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with mixing it with store-bought goodies. Cakes and assorted sweets from speciality shops and the supermarket are great because everyone can still have a small treat even if they don’t feel like something larger like a slice of cake.


Looking for concrete contractors before Christmas?

Here at Prestige Concrete Services, we love Christmas. And we understand how important it is for some people to impress their guests with their yards – which is why our concrete contractors can lay down new concrete in your front or backyard for you before Christmas. From stamped concrete to exposed aggregate – our impressive repertoire of styles and materials is sure to impress.

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