6 Low Maintenance Gardening Tips

If you live a modern lifestyle, chances are you have a lot of home improvement ambitions and plans that you are too time poor to execute. More often than not, inside projects take precedence over outdoor projects and the garden often ends up being a neglected eyesore. However, caring for your garden doesn’t have to be a weekend long job and if you follow these six low maintenance gardening tips, you’ll have plenty of time leftover to relax in your immaculate outdoor area.


Applying a thick layer of mulch to your garden beds on a regular basis is a great way to minimise weed growth and help the soil retain moisture so you don’t have to water as often.

Drip irrigation

Over and under watering are two of the most common causes of plant death, but both of these issues (as well as the chore of watering twice a day during summer) can be eliminated by installing a drip irrigation system on a timer.

Be selective about plant varieties

Different plant varieties require different levels of care. Opt for perennial shrubs which are hardy and live for many years as opposed to annuals which need to be pulled out after a season. Some pretty perennials to consider include lavender, peonies, iris, and day lilies.

Plant densely

Densely planting your garden beds stops the soil from drying out and blowing away as well as minimises weed growth. However, don’t pack the plants in so closely that their root systems have to compete for nutrients in the soil.

Plant for your climate

Naturally, plants thrive in the environment they evolved in. Researching plant varieties which are used to the Australian climate and local soil type is an easy way to cut down the amount of garden maintenance you need to do in the long term.

Do away with the lawn

Lawns tend to require quite a lot of upkeep in terms of mowing, watering and fertilising, so if you’re looking to minimise the amount of work you need to do in the garden, you might want to consider doing away with your lawn altogether. Meadow planting or installing a exposed patio areas are two ways you could re-use your lawn area.


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