5 Ways To Tame Your Slope

For those of us with smaller garden spaces, one of the best ways to take advantage of every inch we have available is to create a sloped garden. But this can be a challenging task. In this blog, we’re going to run through five key ways you can make the most of your slope.

Build a Retaining Wall

To create boundless planting opportunities, select construction materials that will enable you to plant along the wall, to transform plain nooks and crannies in a beautiful garden. Some crevice-loving plants include candytuft, sweet alyssum, snow-in-summer, trailing lobelia and creeping phlox, just to name a few! This will create a beautiful, cascading effect of plants along your concrete wall.

Move Away From The Main Stream

One of the most luxurious ways to improve a slope, a waterfall creates a dramatic curtain of water to make your garden one to remember. With the help of a good electrician, make your waterfall come to life by making use of a water pump. What better way to improve a concrete wall?

Build Some Terraces

If you’re after more than just one wall, level terraces situated between several low walls may be the right fit for your garden. In among this tranquility, you could add a level for a patio and sitting area, as this can be the perfect place to sit and admire the rest of your garden from high up.

Rock On With Some Boulders

Boulders can be the perfect addition to a sloped garden setting. By creating anchor points for the eye to follow down the slope, they add natural beauty to the scene. To create a safe wall of boulders, make sure you bury one third to one half of each to stabilise them in the soil, and follow this by packing soil firmly around each rock. To complete the look, add some native plants to continue with the beautifully natural look you’ve created.

Be Blooming Brilliant

When all else fails, go for a statement, spring blooms to create a transcendental look in your garden. By mixing in bright colours among natural green foliage, you’ll create a waterfall of colour, spilling down the side of your garden. To ensure season-long colour, follow spring bulbs with summer and fall perennials so that your garden can bloom for as long as possible.

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