5 Ways to Make Your Yard More Private

In our digitised world, privacy is scarcer than ever. For many people, privacy is one of the most important factors they seek when finding a home, but in the wake of Melbourne’s population boom, the idea of having a sanctuary where you can withdraw from the world at the end of the day is not necessarily a given. This week, we take a look at five simple ways you can make your outdoor living space more private.

Opt for tiered hanging pots and vines

Create privacy and shade year round by planting either perennial plant species in tiered pots or fast growing vines like ivy or flowering varieties like jasmine. If you have an open space like a porch which you would to like to conceal, simply attach horizontal rows of fishing line to pillars or posts bracketing the area you want the plants to grow, and then train them upwards.

Install raised beds

Block the view by raising up your garden in berms or raised beds. By adding just a foot or two to your plants height through soil mounding, you’ll raise medium sized plants up to eye height and create a thick growing screen.

Try your hand and hedge growing

A time honoured way of putting some psychological space between you and your neighbours, hedges create a lush, dense barrier which makes a statement all on its own. It’s worth noting that most traditional hedge varieties take some years to properly establish themselves, so this particular option may have to be augmented with a more instantaneous solution like a temporary fence or screen.

Try container gardening

If you have a small courtyard space or are in need of some instant privacy, then a container garden might be the way to go. Palms, ferns, and small fruit trees all look fantastic potted en masse.

Think about latticing

If the idea of a solid wooden fence makes you feel isolated and contained, lattice may be the answer. Lattice is an ideal way to add privacy to your garden without making it feel too claustrophobic and is perfect for training climbing plants like roses or wisteria.


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