5 Ways to Make your Front Yard Feel Festive

If you’re looking for some last minute inspiration to dress up your house before the relatives arrive for Christmas lunch on Sunday, then look no further than these five innovative yet simple ways you can make your front yard stand out as a bastion of Christmas cheer.

  1. Put some dwarf evergreens on your porch

Potted miniature evergreen varieties like spruce, pine, and fir are a fantastic way to bring a bit of Christmas tree magic to a bare porch or entranceway. Decorate them with tinsel, fairy lights or miniature baubles to play up the festive mood. These dwarf varieties are easy to care for and will continue to look great all year round

  1. String your trees with light up ‘baubles’

Amplify the charming glow of fairy lights in your front yard by creating fairy light ‘baubles’ with battery operated LED lights wound around chicken wire. This is a quick, safe and easy way to make an elegant Christmas lighting display.

  1. Plant your Christmas decorations

If you have empty pots, window box planters, garden beds or hanging baskets left over from the Spring growing season, why not fill them with decorations? Try lining your window boxes with oversized coloured baubles, or turning your hanging baskets into snowy nests by weaving battery operated LED fairy lights around the outside and then filing the basket with cotton wool ‘snow’ and ornaments.

  1. Make a Christmas sign

One way to spread the festive cheer is to spell it out with a sign. There are dozens of DIY sign ideas available, from spelling ‘joy’ with a wreath for the O to festive garlands, and ones you can whip up in half an hour with a sharpie and some red paint. Whatever design you choose to go with, the key to making a truly charming Christmas sign is to keep the message brief and simple. Single worlds like ‘love’, ‘peace’, ‘joy’ or ‘hope’ are both easy to execute and make a timeless, heart-warming statement.

  1. Get creative with your front door

Traditionally, front doors at Christmas time are decked out with a wreath, but who says it can’t be two or three? Less conventional but equally festive ways to garnish your front door include hanging a basket filled with fresh flowers, berries or greenery to the front door, creating an oversized candy cane, or going clean and simple with snowflakes.


Prestige Concrete would like to thank all of our clients for their support at loyalty over the course of 2016. We wish you a safe, happy and relaxing holiday period and look forward to taking care of all your concreting needs in 2017.