5 Tips for Creating the Ultimate Low Maintenance Outdoor Area

Australians are famous for their outdoor lifestyle but not everyone wants to spend their weekends gardening or performing backyard maintenance. Happily, it is possible to enjoy your backyard without having to spend hours of your free time maintaining it. Here are 5 tips for creating elegant and functional outdoor area that doesn’t need a lot of upkeep.


low maintenance outdoor area

Choose native plants

Caring for your plants is probably the most time consuming aspect of backyard maintenance as the European plant species commonly used tend to struggle in the harsh Australian climate. Instead of trying to modify your environment to suit the plants, choose plants that suit your environment; Australian natives are drought tolerant, require very little maintenance, and create a striking backyard landscape.

Do away with the lawn

Lawns require a lot of water, frequent mowing, and numerous treatments to keep them in optimum condition. More often than not, Melbourne homeowners simply don’t have the time to give lawns the care they need and this results in patchy, ugly looking stretches of grass. Choosing concrete, pavers, or a meadow planting style is a modern, less time consuming, and more aesthetically pleasing approach to garden landscaping.

Get creative with your paving

Choosing to lay pavers or concrete instead of a lawn doesn’t mean you have to settle for an endless expanse of grey; there are plenty of colour and design options when it comes to concrete but if you want a striking, low maintenance option then exposed aggregate is the way to go. In addition to being durable and low maintenance, aggregate perfectly compliments native gardens and provides both texture and colour to your backyard landscape.

Invest in a garden sculpture

A pond, water feature, or garden sculpture can really help to draw your low maintenance garden together and functions as a striking visual feature in the absence of flowers.

Plant a vine

If you want to create a verdant backyard landscape without having to put the effort into caring for water hungry plants, one of the best ways to go is to train a vine along your back fence. There are plenty of evergreen and flowering varieties which require little water, and barely any maintenance.

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