5 Summer Concrete Essentials


Summer is the best time to be outdoors. Hanging out with friends – or even just by yourself – in the great weather and taking in the atmosphere is the pinnacle of Australian culture. But the only thing that makes the summer better is making sure your backyard is equipped with the essential concrete accessories and features to take your relaxation to the next level. In today’s blog, our concrete contractors in Melbourne are going to detail five essential concrete summer features for your backyard.


1.    Concrete decking

We’re all familiar with the tried and true wood decking, but our Melbourne-based concrete contractors believe that the best type of decking is done with concrete. Technically it’s not really decking if it’s concrete – but the principle is the same, a raised area coming out the back of your house that’s made entirely out of concrete.

This is the perfect area for an outdoor dining setup. Dining table, chairs, lounges and even a kitchen or BBQ are all must-have elements that work perfectly with a concrete deck. The durability of the concrete also adds a lot to the mix. You’ll also have a lot of creative say with several types of concrete on offer and various design-styles and colours within each type.


2.    Pergolas

Ideal for homes with larger backyards – pergolas are the perfect addition for the summertime. They offer partially shaded areas and allow you to enjoy the day in style. Depending on what style you’re looking for you can purchase very classic looking pergolas or ones with more modern designs. They’re fantastic for putting a small lounge or table and chairs under and enjoying a nice lunch or cold drink.

These concrete structures typically have open roofs where you can grow thick vines to provide some shade – leaving small sunrays to peek through. Not only does this look incredible in your yard – but it’s also practical as it’s a way to enjoy the summer sun without constantly being in its rays directly.


3.    Flat concrete

Whilst we all love a bit of green in our yard, concrete is a lot more practical and much easier to maintain. Also, it offers a great space to play ball games such as basketball and downball. Our concrete contractors can offer a variety of different concrete styles such as coloured concrete or exposed aggregate.

Exposed aggregate concrete is fantastic because it brings with it several unique features such as anti-slip properties, high durability and versatility when it comes to the endless number of colours and aggregates that you can combine to give the concrete your own unique flair and personal touch.

Concrete is also much easier to place furnishings on compared to grass – giving you a stable base to sit and eat meals on or relax. You won’t have to worry about mowing the lawn every few weeks – just be sure that it’s swept every now and then and resealed every three or so years.


4.    Raised garden bed

If you’ve ever considered a raised garden bed – then now is the best time to look into it. Keeping your plants higher gives them more exposure to the sun and adds physical layers to your backyard. The best part is that this can be done with concrete. The raised garden bed can be designed with concrete to give it that industrial look or even to match your concrete below. You can also get pretty creative with the types of plants that you have in the higher gardens and surround them with pebbles.


5.    Swimming pool

Whilst this feature is a bit more excessive than the rest – it is an absolute summer essential. It can come in all shapes and sizes and you can have a lot of fun selecting the concrete that will border the pool. Once again, our Melbourne-based concrete contractors will suggest using exposed aggregate for poolside concreting due to its superior grip.


Looking for concrete contractors in Melbourne?

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