5 Reasons to Use Polished Concrete for Commercial Flooring


Polished concrete is renowned for being a durable flooring solution. In the past it was seen as a flooring material more suited to industrial construction projects. However, polished concrete has recently evolved into a sustainable design flooring option for commercial flooring projects across Australia and internationally. Let’s consider 5 great reasons why polished concrete is now a focal point of commercial flooring.

The interior design hero

Thanks to the introduction of new formulas, sealers and top coats, polished concrete can be engineered to create extreme attractive flooring as well as raised surfaces such as benchtops and workspaces. The shiny and clean appearance of polished concrete enhances the overall design and feel of the an environment, making the ideal flooring material for retail stores, showrooms, factories and other commercial premises.

Low maintenance

Polished concrete is highly scratch resistant, making it an excellent flooring choice for high foot traffic areas where heavy trolleys and other equipment might be used such as supermarkets. The polished surface is also extremely resistant to dirt and easy to clean, meaning maintenance costs are extremely low compared with many other types of flooring.


polished concrete floor being cleaned

Seriously Versatile

Many flooring options such as ceramic tiles and hardwood are only suitable for certain interior spaces due their various properties. Polished concrete floors can work anywhere in all kinds of commercial and industrial spaces, including wet areas such as bathrooms as this flooring material can be engineered to be waterproof.

Light Reflectivity

One of the reasons why polished concrete is used widely for office, hotel and restaurant flooring is its high light reflectivity. The amount of reflected light depends on the colour and sheen of the concrete. Not only does this factor result in a bright and professional atmosphere, energy consumption is reduced due to less artificial lighting being required.

An economical choice

Polished concrete is generally less expensive than tile, natural stone, hardwood and other types of flooring, making it an cost-effective option for the large majority of commercial and industrial projects.
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