5 Reasons Concrete is an Environmentally Friendly Material

It seems counterintuitive to think of concrete as a ‘green’ building material. If anything, we tend to conceptualise concrete as one of the things we use to keep nature at bay. It may come as a surprise then, to hear that concrete is a sustainable, environmentally friendly material which is playing a key role in the sustainable housing movement. Here are 5 reasons why concrete is a truly green building material.


1. Concrete’s durability means it has low CO2 emissions

Whilst it’s true that the manufacturing of concrete produces carbon, the long lifespan of this durable material means that over a concrete building’s lifespan, 80% of the carbon emissions it produces come from electricity. The durability of concrete also means that structures made from this material can be used and repurposed for generations, thereby reducing the need for new resources to be wasted.

2. It cuts your energy bill in half due to it’s insulation properties

The high thermal mass of concrete makes it a fantastic insulator for buildings as it takes substantially longer than timber or metal structures to heat up or cool down as a result of outside weather.

3. Concrete surfaced help to offset the urban heat island phenomenon

The urban heat island phenomenon refers to the higher temperature of metropolitan areas when compared to their surrounds. It is caused by the modification of surfaces with materials like asphalt which trap heat. The phenomenon has a profound effect on the local environment as well as the inhabitants of the city, and is also thought to be contributing to global warming. The use of concrete as a building material can assist in combating this issue as concrete reflects rather than absorbs light and maintains a lower temperature.

4. Concrete is manufactured from one of the most abundant raw materials on the planet

The primary ingredient in concrete is limestone which is the most abundant mineral on earth.

5. It can be repurposed

Concrete is a reusable material and concrete recycling is a rapidly growing industry. Uncontaminated concrete can be crushed up and used as coarse aggregate foundations for asphalt road surfaces.

Concrete is an environmentally conscious building option which provides strength, durability, and value for money. Prestige Concrete specialise in a broad range of concrete services including exposed aggregate in Melbourne. Get in touch with us today by calling 0411 440 157.