4 of the Strangest Things Found on Construction Sites

New construction projects are always exciting, not only because of the many prospects a new building or renovation can bring, but also because of the potential for mysteries to be uncovered during excavation. In this blog, we thought we’d explore some of the most fascinating things to be uncovered on construction sites around the world.


A warehouse and a warship from the American revolution – Alexandria, USA

In late 2015, the construction of a luxury waterfront hotel in Alexandria, Virginia USA, was disrupted when workers uncovered the foundation of a warehouse believed to have been the city’s first public building. Two months later, on the same site, construction crews made another fascinating discovery – a 50ft long war ship believed to have been used in the American Revolutionary War (which spanned 1775 to 1783). Archaeologists noted that it was remarkable to find such well-preserved relics in such a high-activity area.

Letter to Santa from 1943 ­– Reading, U.K.

In possibly one of the most heartwarming construction site discoveries, a handwritten letter to Santa from 1943 was discovered by builders in Reading, England, in December 2015, and returned to its original author. Not only did the builders who made the discovery track down the boy who wrote it – a 78-year-old man named David Haylock –, they also presented him with all the gifts he had asked for including a pair of slippers, a box of chalk, toy soldiers and a silk tie.

A 700-year-old mummy – Taizhou, China

In 2011, during a road widening project in the city of Taizhou, China, road workers made an incredible discovery – an extremely well-preserved mummy, buried in a wooden tomb just two metres below the road’s surface. The body, which was estimated to be around 700 years old, was believed to belong to a high-ranking woman from the Ming Dynasty (the ruling power in China between 1368 and 1644 A.D.). The body was so well-preserved that her shoes, clothes and even eyelashes had barely deteriorated.

4-Million-Year-Old Whale Fossils – Santa Cruz, USA

In September 2015, construction workers in Scotts Valley, Santa Cruz, stumbled upon ancient whale fossils while building family housing. Archaeologists soon determined the whale fossils were roughly 4 million years old, and the whale they belonged to (a mysticete whale, ancestor to the baleen whale) would have been around 25 feet long.

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