5 Landscaping Myths You Should Ignore

Just like everything else in this world, the field of landscaping is littered with misconceptions about what looks good and what is possible. This week, we thought we’d look at five classic landscaping myths that are not worth the paper they are written on.

garden landscape

Concrete is depressing

Traditionally, backyards were concreted for practical, rather than aesthetic purposes and this earned the material a reputation for looking ugly and soulless. However nowadays, concrete comes in a diverse range of colours, textures and finishes which means it can be used for both aesthetic as well as practical purposes.

Hiring a professional landscaper is a waste of money

There is a popular misconception that landscaping is a DIY discipline which anyone can master with a couple of trips to Bunnings and a few YouTube videos. However, landscaping requires an understanding of how plants grow, and how people use outdoor spaces. Working with a professional landscaper means you benefit from their experience and skills when it comes to things like selecting the right plants for your garden, creative problem solving, and hardscaping to suit your usage requirements as well as tastes.

A big garden is a beautiful garden

The post war fantasy of having a two-storey house with a sprawling garden and a white picket fence might sound charming, but it’s not very realistic for most inner-city homeowners. Happily, you don’t need a lot of space to create a beautiful garden, and indeed in many cases, when people have less space to work with, they become more creative about working with what they have.

You should never use straight lines in landscaping

Whilst it’s true that you rarely find a straight line in nature, that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate geometric shapes into your landscape design. The landscaping rule about only using curved lines in your garden design is meant to ensure the way you shape your garden compliments the organic shapes of the plants, but using geometric lines to create a contrast can be equally stunning.

No planning is necessary

If natural landscapes manage to look spontaneously beautiful, surely the same principle can be applied to garden landscaping right? The problem with this kind of thinking is that unlike a natural vista, a garden landscape needs to be designed around practical as well as aesthetic considerations. Factors such as budget, usage, available space and maintenance all require careful planning to get right.


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