5 Interesting Facts About Concrete

It’s safe to say that not many people would associate ‘interesting’ with ‘concrete.’ We can also safely say that, when it comes to concrete, you can’t judge a book by its cover. Concrete has a pivotal role in our lives and a surprisingly rich history. In this blog, we have picked out the most surprising, weird and interesting facts about concrete to share with you.


It’s older than you think


Concrete has been with us for eons. What you probably know is there was concrete unearthed in Israel that dates all the way to the Neolithic times. It’s estimated that we started using concrete at around 10,200 BC to 2000 BC. Throughout the ages concrete has been forgotten and reinvented, over and over again.


It has inspired art

There was a concrete art movement that sprouted in the 1930s distinct for it’s simple and abstract works. There was another concrete art movement in Brazil around the 1970s. Concrete art has informed other art movements like cubism and futurism.


Ancient Romans made it better


The concrete the Romans made are still standing strong after 1,500 years. While the modern recipe for concrete only has 50-60 years before it starts cracking. This is because the Roman concrete recipe was mixed with volcanic ash that reacted well with seawater and became sturdier. Only in recent years scientists have been able to uncover this lost recipe.


It can be scented


It is now possible to create concrete that is scented! You can spice up your concrete with mouth-watering scents like coffee or bubble-gum. Create a soothing space by adding essential oils to bring out a relaxing fragrance.


The largest concrete structure is a dam


The Three Gorges Dam sits on the world’s third largest river in China. If weighed, it would be 144,309,356,753.51 pounds or roughly 65457623143.000114 kg. This mammoth concrete structure took an astounding seventeen years to build and cost $37 billion. The construction caused some controversy as it forced a massive amount of people to relocate.


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