5 Different Types of Garages For Your Home


When it comes to driveways in Werribee, Prestige Concrete Services has you covered. But what about for your garage? There comes a point in your life when you’ll probably want the advantages that come with having a garage in your home. Whether it be for parking your car or maybe just a storage space, a garage is not only a practical addition to your house but also a stylish one if done right.

Garages are also great for creating a fun little room where you can put in a pool table, table-tennis table, or maybe even a TV and some couches. There are various different types of garages you can have and depending on what you’re going to use it for, they all have their own benefits. Here are five different types of garages you can have for your home.


1.    Single door garage

This is the style that is probably most commonly found in your average house. As the name suggests, this garage only has one door. This means that the single door can be as wide as you want the garage to be. You could, ideally, fit as many cars as you want into the garage – taking into account that you’d need a massive amount of space for such a garage.


2.    Multiple door garage

Obviously quite similar to a single door garage except with multiple doors. Again, this could mean as many doors as you want/are able to install. These garages feature concrete supports in between each door as a separator. Whilst they do look great on Werribee driveways, if you have a larger vehicle, they can be a bit tricky to manoeuvre in and out of. Keeping that in mind, it would be best to design a multiple door garage with plenty of room to make things easier.


3.    Detached garages

When people hear the word garage, they generally automatically envision one that is attached to a house. Well, you can also build garages that are not attached. These would be detached garages, and they can look very cool in the Werribee area. Whether they’re placed on driveways or not, these garages can still have either single or multiple doors. Though usually if they’re placed away from your driveway, they act like less of a place to store your car and more as a place to store other things.

A cool, modern option for a detached garage could be to build a breezeway between the garage and your home. This could be just a simple path, or you could even add some shelter above the path for a more controlled climate. This also makes it easier in wet weather to go between your house and your garage.


4.    Non-front facing garages

Your garage doesn’t have to face your driveway. Depending on the size and layout of your property, you can put your garage doors on the side, facing away to your neighbours, or even in the back, with the doors facing the property behind you – if you have a large enough backyard. These will definitely give your driveway a different look to the rest of your neighbourhood.


5.    Multi-level garages

This can mean two different things. You could have multiple levels for actually parking your cars, or you could have one level for parking your car and a level on top for virtually anything else. As was mentioned earlier, this top level could be a chill, hang out room where you can go to wind down and have some fun.

Alternatively, you could install a parking lift and have the second level as a parking space as well. These aren’t exactly cheap accessories to purchase and have installed, but once they’re in you’ll most likely use them on a daily basis – depending on how often you drive of course. Add two doors to a multi-level garage and one door can be for the ground parking space and the other for the second level of your Werribee driveway. Depending on what you choose to make your second level, you can have a concrete floor – which would work especially well if you choose to park your car there.


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