5 Benefits of Exposed Aggregate

Not sure what the big deal is about exposed aggregate? At Prestige Concrete we are experts on all things concrete and there is a reason more and more people are choosing to use exposed aggregate for their businesses and homes. It offers a stylish modern alternative for you pool sides, patios, walkways and driveways. It is also a practical and cost effective choice for your home or business. On this blog, we are going through the key benefits of exposed aggregate.


What is exposed aggregate?


First of all, let’s go over what exposed aggregate is. Exposed aggregate is simply concrete with the top layer removed to reveal a decorative surface made of small pebbles and stones. There are a verity of different styles of exposed aggregate with different colours, shades and rock size and shape. You can get granite, ornamental types you can get are quartz or even a mosaic of sparkling recycled glass crystals. If you want to start finding the right exposed aggregate for you, you can browse different types of exposed aggregate available in our gallery.




Exposed aggregate can give can make your driveway or footpath a little safer. If you get a rougher exposed aggregate you’ll reduce chances of slipping during rainy weather. Exposed aggregate can withstand heavy traffic, so you won’t have to worry about tripping over cracks. It is also resistant to skids because of its textured pebble surface that has a little bit of extra grip. It is ideal for pools as the sides are bound to get wet and with exposed aggregate slips and falls are less likely to happen. Also, if you have a sloped driveway then you should consider exposed aggregate to reduce the chance of accidents.


Long lasting


Because exposed aggregate is weather resistant and it is built to last so you won’t ever need to replace or repair it. Because it is skid resistant you won’t need to do any heavy duty cleaning. Also, it is able to withstand heavy traffic making it extremely durable. Of cause, this is if you maintain your exposed aggregate properly which is simple. To keep your exposed aggregate pristine, crack free and long lasting you only need to seal it every couple of years.


Low maintenance


Exposed aggregate doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, the main thing you need to do to keep it long lasting is to get it sealed every couple of years. Because exposed aggregate is textured it hides stains well and you won’t even notice that it’s there. Cleaning exposed aggregate is pain free and extremely simple. All you need to use is water. So you could just hose down your driveway every now and then. You won’t have to worry too much about cracking because the exposed aggregate is weather resistant.




Exposed aggregate is a cost-effective way to add a bit of colour and elegance to your home or business. Why go with something plain and drab when you can have texture and colour? Exposed aggregate comes with a variation of gradients, pebble type and size, and a spectrum of colours for you to select. The more ornamental types you can get are quartz or even a mosaic of sparkling recycled glass crystals. You can even stencil patterns to give your footpath or driveway more taste or flair. It is also versatile. Whatever your colour palette or architecture style there is a kind of aggregate that will compliment it. You can browse different types of exposed aggregate available in our gallery.


Easy Construction

Exposed aggregate is easy to install and the process is non-invasive. With the right contractor getting exposed aggregate will be stress free and breezy. For concrete experts, exposed aggregate is quite simple to build and requires fewer materials. It is not recommend for beginner DIY builders to try and install exposed aggregate because there are several steps involved. Don’t worry, because it’s easier and quicker to install hiring a contractor is often cost effective.


If you are considering using exposed aggregate, Prestige Concrete has a range of concrete services for residential, commercial and for local government. We can help you find the right style for you. Get in touch by calling 0411 440 157 for more information or a quote today.