5 Backyard Design Trends to Try this Year

The interior of your home is not the only part of your house that is subject to design trends and fashion cycles. 2016 has bought with it a whole host of interesting and innovative exterior design trends, many pertaining to the outdoor entertainment area. We’ve rounded up five of the best you might like to experiment with in time for next summer.


Mixing materials

Thanks to a step forward in fabric technology, homeowners can now create multi textural outdoor spaces with waterproof, fade resistant fabrics and furniture made from acrylic fibres. As a result of this, many on trend outdoor entertainment areas are beginning to incorporate elements traditionally associated with the living room like rugs, armchairs, and chaise lounges.


Edible gardens

Herbs and vegetables are no longer simply relegated to a patch down the bottom of the garden away from the ornamentals. In 2016, garden designers are choosing to champion the subdued colours and practical potential of edibles by using them as a centrepiece in the garden, or mixing them in with other plant varieties.


Contrasting textures

Designers are increasingly choosing to make a statement by contrasting different textures and finishes. Creating an outdoor space which combines hardwood timber decks with concrete finishing or terracing, and then accenting with iron or another kind of timber is currently very popular.



The elegant, organic lines which furniture materials like wicker, seagrass, and rattan produce are becoming increasingly popular and are often incorporated as part of the bohemian minimalist trend. Light, durable and easily updated with a change of cushions, this timeless style of furniture is definitely worth giving a try.


Fire pits

A rare combination of chic and cosy, fire pits increasingly being used as a centre point for social gatherings. Whilst the fire element (tiki torches, barbecue, wood fire pizza oven) has always played a central role in outdoor entertainment, the fire pit differs in that it serves an ornamental rather than practical purpose. Many designers are creating outdoor spaces which have both a dining area with a barbecue, and then a separate lounge area defined by the fire pit.


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