4 Reasons Why Stencil Concrete Is For You

If you’re looking for a way to lift the design of your home, you may not have considered redesigning your concreted areas – including your driveway, footpaths, patio, or around the pool. Today, we take a look at a few reasons why you might consider stencil concrete as an aesthetic yet practical option for design.


1) Cost-effective

Stencilled concrete is applied on top of existing concrete by resurfacing. Because of this, it is a much quicker and cheaper job compared to replacement, where the existing concrete would be removed.

Concrete stencils can also be made to imitate various textures and materials such as stones, rustic bricks and tiles (to name a few). This means that you can achieve the desired look for your outdoor space without breaking the bank.


2) Long-lasting

Because it sits above existing concrete, stencilled concrete tends to be hard-wearing and long-lasting. It is stronger than typical concrete and does not impact the quality of the underlying concrete.

Provided you maintain the stencil concrete by resealing, the concrete work will also be stain-proof. It is recommended that you reseal 3 months after the initial placement.


3) Slip-resistant

Safety is a point that can often be overlooked when discussing design. However, when you are thinking about driveways, footpaths, poolside areas, or simply any general outdoor area, it is essential to factor in safety.

Stencil concrete comes with the option of selecting various finishes. Choosing the correct one to suit your space will ensure that the concrete is slip-resistant, making the area safer. You need to speak to your experienced contractor in order to determine the right finish.


4) Looks great

You have a lot of choice when it comes to stencilled concrete. From the various patterns to the colours and textures available, the hardest choice you’ll be faced with is what looks best! Stencilled concrete can be made to look traditional, modern or more luxurious depending on your taste and the façade of your home.


At Prestige Concrete Services, we pride ourselves on the range of services we offer, including stencil concreting. With past clients over our 20 years’ experience including Deakin University and VicRoads, we ensure the job is done right and for the best price. Give one of our concrete contractors a call today on 0411 440 157 to discuss your options for stencilled concrete.