4 Backyard Accessories To Match The Wet Weather


Whilst it’s still summer for another week, we’ve been seeing a lot of rainy weather lately. This may not come as much of a shock, however, as we’re pretty used to this city’s indecisive weather patterns. But our concrete contractors in Melbourne believe that though you might not be able to enjoy the sun in your backyard – there are other ways you can still enjoy the outdoor weather. These ways come in the form of backyard accessories – and we’re going to be highlighting four of our top accessories for you in today’s blog.


1.    Extended decking

We know we’ve spoken about decks a few times before, but, they’re truly iconic and useful features to have in your backyard. Of course, the trick to enjoying the wet weather on a deck is to ensure that it’s adequately covered. You could literally have an entire outdoor living room and even kitchen on your deck and use them accordingly whilst it’s raining if you set it up properly.

The trick is to have an appropriate amount of clearance – our concrete contractors recommend about 1.5 metres – between the covering and where the deck actually ends. There are other precautions you can take as well, such as plastic side coverings in case the rain decides to come at you on an angle. These thick coverings hang vertically and can be rolled up when they’re not needed.


2.    A gazebo

A gazebo is great if you want to be a little closer to your garden. Whilst you can invest in plastic side coverings for a gazebo – it’s not as essential as you might think. As an alternative, consider extending the gazebo’s slanted roofing so it comes out further – whilst also continuing on a downward slant.

Depending on how tall the roof is and how steep the slant is – you may not need side coverings at all as the extended roof will offer sufficient protection from most rain events. You could have a small table and some chairs in the gazebo or even a BBQ. It can offer a nice environment to relax whilst taking in the ambience of the rainfall and gloomy weather.


3.    Mancave/relaxation room

Our concrete contractors in Melbourne have titled this one pretty broadly as it can essentially be whatever you’d like it to be, but it’s essentially just a small room that’s detached from your house – like a guesthouse. You can fill it with whatever you like. It can become a video game room, a man cave with a pool table, bar and television or even just a room with a couch and some speakers.

The last option is our favourite because you can utilise even the smallest spaces and then have an entire wall/door made from glass, so you have a view of your garden and the rain. The extent you want to go to in terms of giving it power and other amenities will depend on how you occupy it – but it’s still a great feature to have in your backyard during rainy weather as you can unwind with a book inside it and it will almost feel like you’re not at home.


4.    Covered pergola

Typically, pergolas have spaces in them to let the sunshine through – but for this particular type of pergola, we suggest putting glass panes on the ceiling. That way the sun can still shine through when it’s out – but you can also still relax beneath it when it’s raining. Depending on the size of it you can have some small furnishings in it as well.

You can also set up an undercover pathway leading from your house to the pergola to keep yourself dry when walking between them. The design ideas are absolutely endless when it comes to pergolas as well as they can be made from several different materials including concrete, wood and marble. They can also be designed so that the roof is slanted – which doubles as a practical aspect as the water will run down it.


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