3 Tips for Driveway Safety

Road safety practices shouldn’t stop once you pull off the road. The risk of death or serious injury to a child caused by a vehicle does not lessen around the home and in fact, every year there are a number of tragic accidents involving young children in their driveways. This week, we take a look at three key ways you can practice road safety around your driveway.

Make the driveway a no-go zone

The driveway can be just as dangerous as the road if there are moving cars involved and this is something you need to impress upon your children. Teach them to conceptualise road safety as something that needs to be practiced wherever there are moving cars and just as they wouldn’t sit and play in the middle of a busy street, they shouldn’t think about the driveway as a play area, even though it’s in their home. Physical barriers like gates and fences which separate your driveway from the rest of the yard can help to emphasise this point and make it difficult for children to access the driveway without your supervision.


Designate a safe play area

Use positive reinforcement to keep your children away from the driveway by creating a designated play area that they can think of as their own. Installing play equipment in that area or helping them set up their own garden are two ways to invest your child’s interest in the safe play area. Once you’ve established this space, encourage your children to stay in that area when there are moving cars in the driveway so you always know where they are.


Supervise your children whenever they are around a driveway

With younger children, the best tool you have to ensure their safety is vigilance. Always make sure you can see where the children are when cars are moving in the driveway, or ensure that they are being supervised by another adult. Encourage younger children to hold your hand when they are entering the driveway, in much the same way as they would when crossing a road. Before you reverse a car down your driveway, take a few seconds to walk around the car and physically check your blind spots; don’t rely on reversing cameras or rear vision mirrors.


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