How to Make a Shady Garden Work for You

Gardening is all about achieving balance, in terms of placement, moisture and light exposure. If you have a particularly shady spot in your garden, you may have trouble deciding what to plant there, however there are many options to consider. In this week’s blog, we go through some fantastic design ideas for shady gardens.


Choose shade loving plants

If you have a shady patch in your garden, it’s best to avoid covering it with grass or other plants that require full sun (such as annuals and perennials). Instead, opt for shade loving plant varieties like Mona Lavender, Silver Spurflower or Dead Nettle. Many ferns are also suited to shady areas, and will keep your garden looking lush.

Integrate art and sculptures

A great way to brighten up the shady part of your garden is to make it the centrepoint for art or sculptures. Consider painting a feature wall, adding in a mural or installing some beautiful garden sculptures to liven up the area without the need for plants. To make the most of your garden art, have it lit up at night with ground lights.

Consider a water feature

In the same vein as sculptures and art, water features are a wonderful way to add interest to the shady part of your garden, without the need for plants. A water feature will transform your garden with the sensory experiences of sound, movement and touch, which will counteract the shade.

Add in a seating area

The shady part of your garden is also the perfect spot for a seating area, either in the form of a bench, an outdoor couch, or even a hammock. If overhanging trees are present, it could also be the perfect location to install a concrete patio, as you won’t need invest in shade cloths.

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