10 Ways to Update Your Garden/Outdoor Area This Spring


With the weather warming up, the grand final just a week away, and the racing and festive seasons following close behind, we’ve got outdoor entertaining on the brain. Of course, bringing your outdoor entertainment area up to scratch will require a little cleaning and perhaps a bit of a décor update and that’s where we can help. This week, we take a look at 10 ways to give your outdoor entertainment area a spring update.


  1. Install a water feature

Fire pits are out, and water features are in – eco-friendly, soothing to listen to and beautiful to watch, it’s easy to understand why the water feature revival is happening.

  1. Put together an outdoor living room

Your backyard is likely to be the biggest space in your house, so why not make more use of it by creating a covered alfresco living area. All you need is a sofa, some chairs and a table to start and then accent these with colourful textiles for the ultimate entertainment area.

  1. Consider installing a statement gate

First impressions count, and the design of your gate sets the tone for the rest of your outdoor area. Whether you go modern, rustic, DIY, or simply paint it your favourite colour, it’s well worth putting some effort into the entrance to your garden.

  1. Inject a little bit of Pantone’s colour of the year into your garden

Ultra violet is Pantone’s colour of the year for 2018. It’s a rich, romantic shade of purple reminiscent of the cosmos and a favourite amongst creative icons like Jimmy Hendrix, David Bowie and Prince. This colour is the perfect statement shade to accent your outdoor living room and can be introduced in the form of soft textiles like throw blankets, pillows and lantern shades. In the garden, you can integrate this colour by planting hardy violets, which make a great ground cover and basically take care of themselves.

  1. Use bright colours in unexpected ways

Whilst furniture and hardscaping are traditionally executed in muted tones of grey and beige, being brave with bright colours can really pull an outdoor area together and create a key point of difference that makes your outdoor area unique.

  1. Take the pressure off maintaining your garden with the wabi-sabi approach

If you baulk at the amount of maintenance that goes into keeping your outdoor area looking  good, the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi might be worth your consideration. Wabi-sabi is a way of seeing the world which is based on the acceptance of transience and imperfection. In gardening the wabi-sabi concept is often applied through integrating nature’s imperfections in your garden design. Elements like overgrown plants, weathered tiles and wood, fallen leaves and overgrown plants are all part of the wabi-sabi approach.

  1. Install some solar lighting

Solar lighting is safe, environmentally friendly, has a low operating cost and is easy to install. They are the perfect lighting solution for flower beds and hard to reach garden corners which would otherwise be too difficult to light with an electrical system.

  1. Introduce asymmetry into your landscape

Achieving balance in your garden doesn’t necessarily have to mean geometric symmetry. Asymmetrical hardscaping can be achieved by combining a textured surfacing solution like exposed aggregate concrete and then counterbalancing the hardness by leaving spaces for plants and mosses to grow. This method is becoming an increasingly popular way to create a statement garden path or patio area.

  1. Give your garden a soundtrack with an outdoor sound system

Nothing creates ambience like music and the latest generation of sound systems are more robust and effective than ever. Perhaps best of all, modern sound systems are virtually wireless and can be controlled with a touch of your phone.

  1. Create levels in your garden to add depth

Creating layers either physically (with raised garden beds and planters) or creating depth by planting in layers, will add visual appeal and give the impression that your garden is larger than it actually is.


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